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Press Releases: 18. Awesome first year in Europe


For Scotland’s most spectacular golf clothing brand, Royal & Awesome, the future is – like its products – very bright.

The colourful Edinburgh-based brand is set to double its first-year turnover in 2013 following a record-breaking July which saw sales up more than 100 per cent on the same month in 2012, and an increasing number of retailers stocking the product – both traditional and on-line.

The company was launched only last April by AFG Media, founders of the renowned costume brand MorphsuitsTM, which boasts annual sales of more than £10m. The aim was to produce quality golf apparel which respectfully reflected the history and heritage of Scottish golf, while adding colour and fun to a sport which is often, mistakenly, regarded as staid and drab.

Graeme Smeaton, Royal & Awesome’s brand director, said: “The response to the brand since we launched has been overwhelmingly positive and has acted as a catalyst for our future growth. We have been seen worldwide TV coverage following the Open Championship, at Muirfield, and we have received growing numbers of orders from our key markets in the UK, USA and Australia.

“We want to continue to be involved with golf where people are out to have fun, so we have partnerships with travel organisers, trick-shot specialists, event organisers and golf bars – and we're always looking for more opportunities.

“Our ethos will always be that golf should be fun and an increasing number of customers are testament to the fact that they agree with us.”

The brand is already worn by professional golfers on the Canadian PGA Tour, LPGA tour, and Ladies European Tour, as well as being donned by thousands of avid golfers on a weekly basis. Plus it has almost 70,000 followers on Facebook and featured in a multi-million pound advertising campaign for Procter & Gamble’s flagship detergent brand, Ariel.

Royal & Awesome’s global ambitions are supported by a distribution network across Europe, USA and Australia. The company has regularly added to its range during the last year and now has collections for men and women including trousers, shorts, skorts, plus twos, shirts and accessories. Royal & Awesome continues to work on and develop new eye-catching designs across its range and hopes each new design will prove as popular as the current top seller, aptly called Old Tom Trews, after golf’s famous Scottish forefather.

Royal & Awesome’s range of eye-catching golf trousers, shorts and hats are ‘perfect for the pars and the bars’. The ‘Awesomes’ – the brand’s range of brightly designed golf trousers – build on the wonderful heritage and history of golf in Scotland by adding a whole lot of fun and colour, and are guaranteed to make an impact on the course, the clubhouse or the corporate jolly. All of the company’s ‘bottoms’ come with a free golf tool/bottle opener, which is a nod to the strap line of ‘for the pars and the bars’.

See Royal & Awesome’s spectacular range of golf clothing at www.royalandawesome.com or www.facebook.com/royalandawesome