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Buying Guide – Plus 2s


On this page we’ll do our best to shed some light on the rather natty world of golf plus 2s, plus 4s, knickerbockers and breeks. We’ll explain the difference between them (although the names are now often interchanged) and let you know what to look for when buying a pair.

Plus 4s:

This is the stereotypical golfing look, with big baggy legs and lots of extra material. The name comes from the amount of extra material in the garment. If the plus 4s fit perfectly they will finish 8 inches below the wearer’s knee when they are unfastened. When fastened this results in a four-inch fold over the knee – hence Plus Fours.

Plus 2s:

You guessed it; these should hang 4 inched below the knee when unfastened and then create a two-inch fold when fasted. They will also be less baggy than plus 4s.


These are quite tight trousers that go to below the knee and no more; think old school portraits of kings like this


These are the same length as knickerbockers but a bit bagger – more like Plus 2 width.

So we know what they are called but what’s the point of them:

From a purely functional point of view the shorter leg should provide good freedom of movement and on muddy or wet days only your socks will get dirty rather than the bottom of your trousers.

But let’s be honest, the biggest benefit is that they turn heads and look pimp. Whether it’s a classy tribute to the golfing legend Payne Stewart or a blatant plea to ‘Look at me!’ plus 2s/4s/knickers are going to get you noticed.

They are also very popular for shooting, riding and walking – a whole host of lovely country pursuits!

How to wear them:

We think it works best if you pull your socks all the way up and then use the Velcro straps to fasten the plus 2s over the top of the sock and just below the knee. This will fix your plus 2s in the right place and also hold your socks up – winner, winner!

Then just fold the plus 2s over the Velcro strap and you are all set.


Like trouser and shorts the key size measurement is waist size. So if you’re a 36 inch waist trouser, you’ll be a 36 inch waist Plus 2.

As the Plus 2s and 4s have some extra material that folds over the knee, this gives some room for error on the length. As result they are often only available in one leg length.


As with trousers there are lots of material options available: Royal & Awesome Plus 2s are 97% cotton and 3% spandex. We feel this gives the perfect blend of a comfortable and breathable material, with just a little bit of stretch.


We maybe should have put this section first and it might have saved you some reading. Most retailers will allow you to return product that you don’t like, doesn’t fit or any other reason you care to give.

You can return any of your Royal & Awesome purchases for a full refund.